Saturday, May 07, 2005

New links today, one a Class of '66 alum

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Two new links are up today, one for a website that has tons of freelance resources, the other a friend, colleague, teacher and writer living in Britain who has her own blog and needs encouragement to write it more often.

The resource site is:
  • Jobs, resources

  • Marcia Carlson Hein's site is:
  • Hocusopus - Marcia

  • TODAY'S MARKET TIP: My surveying of the markets in the past six months (as I've been cranking up my own freelance business) has convinced me that specialty newsletters and publications are probably where there is more action and more chances for $$$ than any traditional magazines. Every association, organization, non-profit seems to have newsletters - with paying subscribers. Look to them for stringing jobs.

    TODAY'S OP-ED IDEA: The debate over teaching creationism in Kansas (See the Washington Post story by Peter Slevin) seems like a winner for placing an op-ed in almost any newspaper market, which position you want to take. And it gives you a chance to talk about the Scopes Monkey Trial, William Jennings Bryant and maybe even throw in a Star Trek reference or two.

    Ladies and gentlemen, start your computers.