Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'Fracking Justice' section titled 'Sedition' nearing completion

WATKINS GLEN, New York - The fourth of five sections of the sequel to The Fracking War has about a week's worth of writing left to do. At least it seems that way on a rainy upstate New York afternoon.

The section of Fracking Justice under construction is called simply 'Sedition'. And it's pretty damned seditious.

What's slowing progress is that the section has a chapter in need of a major rewrite. Then there are five more chapters that need to be added to close it out.

Still, it's surging ahead. And as in the drafting of The Fracking War, it's hard to keep ahead of the bizarre hydrofracking/gas industry news.

Just think about the bills working their way through Congress right now to make gas exports much more easier. Or how in upstate New York, propane companies are blaming last winter's fuel shortages on a lack of storage, when we know it was mostly the results of export to other nations.

Next thing you know, the natural gas and oil industry will be exempted from most federal clean air and clean water laws.

Oh. Sorry. They already are.