Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Fracking Justice inches closer to being published with Version 3.0

WATKINS GLEN, New York - The ever-friendly women at Staples in Big Flats saw me walking up to the counter today offering me a nice greeting and also asking - as they have for several months -"How is the book coming?'

They found out quickly after they asked because they printed out three proof copies.

Today they printed Fracking Justice Version 3.0, the most up-to-date version already reviewed by five beta readers, rewritten, edited and tuned up by me. Then last week Admiral Fox gave it an editor's read-through with more rewriting, editing and a tuneup.

What was printed and bound this afternoon is precipitously close to what go to the publisher sometime in the next few weeks (or a month).

Adm. Fox found several areas where I needed to do more explaining, some where I blabbed on too much, and others where there were timeline concerns. Collectively, I was able to take care of her issues in about a half-hour.

It would be nice if the rest of this process goes as smoothly!

One of these latest copies of Fracking Justice is going to be shipped off to an artist in Canandaigua who has expressed interest in designing the book jacket. If we come to an agreement, you'll read all about her here and what we have planned.

In the meantime, I have one more read through for me of what was printed, followed by some spacing corrections where the tracking of changes made it difficult not to add space or have wordssmushedagainsteachother.

And once all that is done, Fracking Justice heads to the final copy editor/proofreader who was also a beta reader.

I'll be glad to see it finally in print and on bookshelves. I shouldn't be so impatient. It was only last January that I started Chapter 1. Now it's five sections, maybe 100 chapters and about 85,000 words.