Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Columnists and reporters all checked out the Phlagleblast at CSUS

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Writers from three classes converged on the University Union Wednesday, taking notes, interviewing and generally acting like journalists.

There were even quite a few reporter's notebooks in evidence.

For next week, the column writers already have their marching orders: produce a 600-650 word column based on their experiences, or something at the event.

The Phlagleblast was a gold mine for column ideas with thousands of students wandering about, exhibits, games, and plenty of food.

For the news writers, the task was a little more daunting. Their assignment was to gather enough information for a news story, a story that the class will put together as a group Monday. The fun part will be to see what different details the reporters picked up in their conversations and interviews.

One person/exhibitor who got plenty of attention - from both the classes and other students attending - was the 'balloon guy' who made animals figures which adorned heads all over the union.

The balloon guy told me he made more than 200 of the figures. And I won't put his name here - let's see how many of the students got it.

Here's a short video of him at work:

Column writing & news writing students head to Phlagleblast

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The students from column writing and news writing will loosen the classroom shackles today and head to the University Union to check out the annual Phlagleblast celebration.

For the columnists, its an opportunity to do an 'event' column.

For the news writers, it's an opportunity to search for news from the various activities.

Here's a link to the schedule: