Monday, April 23, 2012

The discipline of fiction writing, or, fiction writer needing discipline

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - With my second short story almost done (a piece of science fiction called "The Last Supper Potluck"), it's time to think about the book I have been spinning in my mind since last spring and summer.

You know, The Book.

Note that I said the second short story is almost done. That's very different from saying something is done, except for. If the story isn't ready to be read and reviewed, it is not done. Except for doesn't count.

All of this is relatively important because the weather changed in the last few days, making writing a little easier. There are fewer distractions to worry about. But the colder weather also induces a kind of lethargy that cuts into productivity, too.

So it goes. (Borrowed that from Vonnegut's classic book, Slaughterhouse Five.)

What is The Book about? At first blush, it is about the tension between the people who want to hydrofrack for natural gas and those who are fighting against it. How hard will each side fight to make their point?

Good question. That's what the spinning in my mind has been all about.

So as the next weeks and months move ahead, so will The Book. I hope.

The deadline (mine) for my draft is Oct. 15, right about the time I expect to climb on a plane and head to California, then wing on to Mexico. In Mexico, a very different book will take shape I hope. One likely to be filled with angels.

Yup, angels. All types, sizes and shapes.