Saturday, September 04, 2010

First column from Column-Writing class hits the in basket

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The first column of the fall 2010 semester appeared in my email inbox Friday, a piece by Leia Ostermann about the first week of school.

By getting her column in when she did, she has broken all existing column-writing records for getting the first column of the semester turned in ahead of deadline.

The link to her column is at the right, called Cardboard File.

Leia Ostermann

At the same time, as column writers are ruminating on the first day of school, they are also sending along their ideas for areas about which they would like to write.

Half the class, it seems, wants to write about restaurants. (Perhaps they think restaurant reviewers eat for free. Sorry, they don't.)

But in addition, there have been a number of excellent ideas put forth that will make for interesting columns. One person has asked to write about alternative-to-automobile transportation. And he will.

Friday in Alameda, I saw this fellow pedaling by, obviously enjoying being out of his car. He had a pretty good view, too.

on the tall bike
Big wheels keep on rollin'