Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Latest columns are up - some winners among the pack

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - All of the columns that made deadline (and a few that seem to have trickled in a little late) have had a cursory review and will be the subject of the Column Writing class tomorrow at CSU, Sacramento.

It appears that the column writers are much happier writing about their pet topics than the rally that was assigned the week prior.

No surprise there.

Columns that I would recommend especially out of this batch include:
  • Another Point of View

  • The Glover Posting

  • The Facts of Life

  • But check them all out...

    Very different topics and perspectives, but each good first shots at writing a specialized column.

    Resting up for next Tuesday's deadline

    Magazine writers start writing 'how-to' articles

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The cadre of magazine writers in Journalism 132 have been launched to start writing their first drafts of their first stories - 600-word opuses on various topics of 'how-to' do things.

    The topics range from building computers (explain that in 600 words!) to how to be a dynamic waitress to running a background criminal check - on yourself.

    They should make for some very interesting reading.

    As in the case of the columns written by the Column Writing class, the blogs created by J132 will be posted on this page. In the case of these magazine writers, the blogs might not be quite as polished as they are drafts and in fact, the writers would like outside comments.

    In the meantime, I was excused from jury duty Monday after a long day at the courthouse. I'll detail out that adventure in a different blog, perhaps later today.

    Right now I need to begin reading the latest specialty columns (with links to which are on the side of this page), turned in by the Column Writing class.