Sunday, April 29, 2012

'The Last Supper potluck' ready for publication

WATKINS GLEN, New York - My second short story in a month was finished two days ago, a sci-fi piece called The Last Supper potluck.

Battlestar Gallactica, Last Supper
Yup, there's a little Christian tie-in, coupled with some time travel, techno-madness and corporate politics.

All the usual crap, you know.

But it felt soooo good to finish it, it was incredible. It took several rewrites to get the characters to do what I wanted them to do. Christ, you would think they were stage actors they were so hard to move around.

Still, in the end, I won the argument as the author. Can't wait to run into the same characters in another piece of fiction. I'll be ready for them.

And my projects on deck?

Well, there is the book I want to complete before leaving for Mexico in October (still in the planning stages, going out to sit in the sun and outline in a moment).  And a third short story is already filling my iPad, with about a fourth of it written.

That tale is tentatively titled The New Textament.

Someone has to go after the youth market, after all.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book review offers a reminder about access to authors

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - I make it a practice to write a short book review at least once every few weeks, depending, of course, on the books being read.

Susan Orlean
I rarely write a review of any stinkers. I prefer to write reviews of books that I think people will like, (or should like anyway), and most important, should read.

This week I finished a book called 'Wild Coast' that fit all three categories.

Also in keeping with routine, after I posted the review (in my blog From Where I Sit: LINK: From Where I Sit) I sent a brief email to the author letting him know I posted something.

Today I received an email back from author John Gimlette within an hour. I have never communicated with Mr. Gimlette before, but received a very warm note in return... He said he will post my review on his Facebook page for people to check out.

In past, I have had similar experiences with other authors. Not too long ago I engaged in an email dialogue with Jodi Picoult.

That was fun.

And now onto my next bit of reading, a book about the pooch Rin Tin Tin, written by Susan Orlean, one of my favorite Literary Journalists.

I have her email address marked already.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The discipline of fiction writing, or, fiction writer needing discipline

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - With my second short story almost done (a piece of science fiction called "The Last Supper Potluck"), it's time to think about the book I have been spinning in my mind since last spring and summer.

You know, The Book.

Note that I said the second short story is almost done. That's very different from saying something is done, except for. If the story isn't ready to be read and reviewed, it is not done. Except for doesn't count.

All of this is relatively important because the weather changed in the last few days, making writing a little easier. There are fewer distractions to worry about. But the colder weather also induces a kind of lethargy that cuts into productivity, too.

So it goes. (Borrowed that from Vonnegut's classic book, Slaughterhouse Five.)

What is The Book about? At first blush, it is about the tension between the people who want to hydrofrack for natural gas and those who are fighting against it. How hard will each side fight to make their point?

Good question. That's what the spinning in my mind has been all about.

So as the next weeks and months move ahead, so will The Book. I hope.

The deadline (mine) for my draft is Oct. 15, right about the time I expect to climb on a plane and head to California, then wing on to Mexico. In Mexico, a very different book will take shape I hope. One likely to be filled with angels.

Yup, angels. All types, sizes and shapes.