Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snagged by jury duty, several classes are off the hook

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The recorded message at the Sacramento County Courthouse was quite clear: If you are in juror group 210, report to the jury commissioner's office at 8 a.m. Monday Sept. 14. Do not pass Go, Do no collect $200.

Ok, I added the Do not pass Go part, but the rest is true.

So, three of my four Monday classes, Two sections of basic newswriting and my Column Writing class, are off the hook for class attendance.

The column writers, however, do have an assignment due Tuesday at 8 a.m. They are going to be posting a column about their particular areas of specialty.

Unless I am actually empaneled on a jury, I should be able to read them in the courthouse via my ITouch and make comments from there.

Justice will be served.

Jury Duty poster
Pauly Shore in Jury Duty