Sunday, July 28, 2013

'The Fracking War' making some tactical adjustments

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - After a few fits and starts, I finished rereading the first draft of The Fracking War today, with pages of copious notes to consider as I begin rewriting/editing.

Propane truck explosion
I had put enough time between draft and first reading to read carefully. If you read too close to the original drafting/writing, you miss stuff. A lot of stuff.

I took out the corny material, saw where to add more action/adventure/anger/angst, and now need to set aside a couple of days to add descriptions and a chapter or two in the rewriting process. Maybe more than a couple of days.


Having never fought in a guerrilla war, parts of this book were hard to put together. But as a miscreant teenager responsible for a good share of hell-raising, I am quite familiar with the concept of serious destructiveness.
From the 1984 film 'Red Dawn'

And if that serious destructiveness was in the spirit of saving the world/environment? Well, so much the better.

There will be more news about The Fracking War in the next few weeks.

But, attention Beta readers: Prepare for incoming!!!!!!
'The Fracking War' as it lands in Beta readers' inboxes