Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An evening on the town at the Hoppy Brewery

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The students in my column writing class fanned out across Sacramento in groups of four or five Tuesday to have dinner at various restaurants.

It wasn't just hunger that drove them - it was part of an assignment to write a restaurant review.

One group went to the Hoppy Brewing Company on Folsom Boulevard which was packed, partly because anyone who had voted in Tuesday's election was eligible for a free beer.

Judging from Hoppy's, the turnout was phenomenal.

Hoppy Brewery building in Sacramento
Hoppy's in Sacramento

My original plan had been to drop in on the various groups at each restaurant, checking to see how it was going.

But the one free beer, coupled with what I think was a looooong wait for service, kept me rooted to the booth at Hoppy's.

But I still get to read all the reviews, due Friday.