Thursday, September 18, 2008

Column-writing assignment on the mysterious Natalie Dylan

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The column writing class this week is writing about Natalie Dylan, a woman who supposedly graduated from CSU, Sacramento with a degree in Women's Studies.

Why is she worth writing about?

She is involved in an auction of her virginity - a very public auction that has involved Howard Stern and many major news organizations in the U.S. and abroad have picked up the story and featured it quite prominently.

Yes, it's true. I can't make this stuff up. Who would believe it?

Sisters pix two
'Natalie' on the right, her sister is on the left

The column writers' directions are simple: attack this column topic from any angle they want: rage, support, bewilderment...

There are so many different angles that the writers are mostly likely to be bewildered by how to even start.

Were I to use Ms. Dylan (which is not her real name, by the way) as a topic for a column, I think I would take a look at what could be a fairly elaborate hoax.


Well, it seems that the woman, who says she is 22-years-old, claims that she is a fairly recent graduate of CSU, Sacramento and says she is supposed to begin her graduate studies in January - graduate studies in marriage and family counseling.

Confirming any of all this seems to be beyond the abilities of all local (and even national) media.

As I said, I can't make this stuff up.