Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Column writers to consider University of Phoenix takeover of CSU

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Should the state of California sell off the CSU (and maybe the UC) to the University of Phoenix for a few billion dollars?

That question, along with a few hundred related ones about the idea, will be considered in the next set of columns written by the column-writing class at CSU, Sacramento as its assignment for next Tuesday.

The assignment springs from an op-ed article published in the Sunday Sacramento Bee newspaper by an education expert, Prof. William Tierney associated with the privately owned, University of Southern California.

  • STORY: Should CSU be sold off

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    Professor William Tierney

    How absurd is the idea? Is the op-ed for real, or just satirical?

    Well, with the finances of the state still in a downward spiral and funding for higher education dropping as fast as David Letterman's ratings, it would seem almost any wacky proposal is likely to see some sunshine. In this case, Tierney would seem to be a real-deal expert, though it's likely reporters are already combing through his life to check out any possible connections he has to the University of Phoenix.

  • Tierney's USC web page

  • If they discover that he's somehow connected to the University of Phoenix payroll, Tierney will likely become the headline of the week.

    In the meantime, the columnistas of the class will be pondering - and then eventually publishing - their opinions about the suggested CSU takeover by the private, for-profit university.

    Perhaps they will think it's a great idea.