Wednesday, September 08, 2010

News writing classes search for news on campus

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Thanks in large part to the textbooks for the classes being two weeks late, two basic news writing classes at CSU, Sacramento took to the campus as part of a news-gathering exercise this afternoon.

The idea?

News does not happen in the classroom (or newsroom) but out in the world. And if you never leave your desk or computer, you will miss what's going on.

The exercise is generally called a "news walk" and the students are generally good at ferreting out what's going on.

What did they find? A lot.

And what will be interesting for the students will be to see what The State Hornet publishes - or doesn't publish this fall.

Here is a list of stories the students in the early news writing section think should be pursued:

• Recruitment for sororities and fraternities and clubs (and hazing)
• World-record dodgeball tournament at The Well (1,200 people participated)
• Why do parking construction this week? (Just as school starts...)
• Math and history department policy changes
• Four-year-plan to graduate? Adios!
• Unit cap was lifted too late for students to enroll in more units
• Sept. 20-24 is Constitution Week - events, guest speakers
• Bikes on campus - locked? Unlocked... What's the deal?
• Blood drive (Oct. 19-20)
• Anchor Blue on campus... (underground clothing sales???) Clyde T. Hinkenson spokesman
• Eco-Grounds Coffee place feature (recycled everything, except coffee, maybe)
• Panda Express vs. Burger King (long line at Panda, no people at Burger King)
• Atmosphere concert in University Ballroom Sept. 28
• Expanded library area with couches and computers
• PRSSA fundraiser Sac Skate Sept 17
• Sandwich guy on campus - why is he so quiet this semester?
• Different places to eat on campus
• Mellow-me-out massages (how many students use?)
• The Well - experiences... Fingerprints required to enter (24-hour Fitness, too?)

The second news writing class came up with these stories:

• Muslim Student Association - its take on Florida minister and Ground Zero mosque
• Hazing among sororities and fraternities, plus discrimination in selection process
• Sidewalk hazards on campus
• Jaywalking tickets issued - around the dorms especially
• Possible food poisoning reported at Panda Express (orange chicken, cashew chicken)
• Anchor Blue tour (clothing) Arty and Eric were there (B-list actors)
• Beginning of a Sac State mall?
• The Well, open and, well, students pay $118 per semester for access to rooms
• Student dropping other gym memberships?
• Club, sororities and fraternities - why join?
• Financial aid, problems with gaps in coverage at beginning of semester
• Transfer rate - impact of impaction
• Bookstore prices - out of line?
• Parking lot torn out before school starts
• No furloughs this semester for faculty
• Riverfront changes in food service
• Peak Adventures bike repair shop has bike-sized door (NOT)
• The Well usage and registration (5954 active) 800 - 1000 per day... register early
• 176 students employed at Well
• Adding classes a problem? Sociology said no mas. Geography classes are empty.
• Writing intensive classes are overflowing
• Well doesn't allow guests????
• Freshmen get the old dorms - not the new dorms
• Effects of weather on students
• Dodgeball world record broken
• Apple store at bookstore - big discounts for students, faculty