Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Fracking Justice' gets underway (again) in Nuevo Vallarta

NUEVO VALLARTA, Nayarit, Mexico - The first three chapters of the sequel to The Fracking War were written in Watkins Glen as we struggled to get that book out the door (electronically).

My temporary office in Nuevo Vallarta
But today the sequel - Fracking Justice - moved ahead a chapter and a half. With luck (and a little keyboard pounding) the book will be well on its way by March 1 when Admiral Fox and I return to California where we hope a book crate full of the print versions of The Fracking War will await us.

If you have seen the movies Gasland and Gasland II, you will get a hint about what's Fracking Justice looks at. Justice has definitely been fracked by gas companies and the corporations that pull their strings.

Writing a sequel is proving to be a challenge. I can't assume that readers have read The Fracking War, so character development has to start from scratch, so to speak.

And even the people killed, blown up or otherwise missing from The Fracking War are finding themselves mentioned in the four chapters completed.

I have about six weeks of writing time here which means if I can churn 1,000 to 2,000 words per day, it will be almost complete by the time we return to the U.S.

I hope.