Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Four classes down, all writers at the ready for assignments

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Two sections of basic news writing, one column-writing class and a magazine writing seminar all met on Monday - officially launching the semester for fall 2010.

The column-writing students are constructing their column/blogs (the links to which will appear on this page later this week); the magazine writers are coming up with ideas for their first articles: a how-to story. And, no, a how-to story on how-to-write-a-magazine story is not one of the possibilities.

All four classes had more students than the classrooms can accommodate, so in terms of classroom space, it will be another Sacramento State sardine semester.

Still, lots of bright lights among the students in the classes. In magazine writing, one student was familiar with the concept of hydro-fracking, a topic from some writing earlier this summer, linked here.

  • What the frack is going on?

  • In the meantime, by the noon deadline today, all but a relative handful of students in my four classes successfully completed their first assignment: getting me an email for class email lists.