Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"The Fracking War' to make an appearance on ABC-TV program called 'Boom'

WATKINS GLEN, New York - The Fracking War will be on the set - and in the hands of a female character - in an early scene of the ABC-TV pilot of a new series called "Boom," an examination of the North Dakota Bakken oil fields.

I've seen the script and signed the rights for the book to be used.

The young woman (described as stunning in the script) is supposed to be wearing a T-shirt that says "No Fracking Way."

I am not fracking kidding.
Don Johnson

The pilot stars Don Johnson and Delroy Lindo and looks at the struggles going on in Bakken oilfield towns with all the things that have been making news for the last few years.

So, how did The Fracking War end up in the pilot?

Luck and a great connection.
Delroy Lindo

Last winter in Mexico I had breakfast with a fellow who has been reading my various blogs (including this one). When not traveling south of the border, he works as a prop guy in Hollywood. When plans to use The Monkey Wrench gang as a prop in the pilot for Boom fell apart, he remembered The Fracking War and offered it up to the script writers as an alternative.

They bit!  And in a small way, The Fracking War has now gone Hollywood.


Maybe Johnson or Lindo will pick up the book on the set, get interested, and want to do a film or series based on it.

Where do I sign the release for that?

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Brynne said...

How exciting! We are cheering way over here in Maine...for our dear Tio Michael!:)